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What is an Aging Life Care Manager?
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Aging Life Care Management Services

  • Prime Point Care Consulting offers a free 30 minute initial Consultation in order to discuss circumstances and determine level of need for Aging Life Care Management services and/or resources. 

  • Assess needs for support related to health and disability, financial, housing environment, legal, family, resources and advocacy. 

  • Plan of Care is based on completed assessments, observations and collaboration with individual and family.  Immediate and long term needs addressed as well as contingency for future scenarios. 

  • Coordination of Services provides implementation for recommended plan of care.  Services may include locating appropriate levels of community care, transitions of care, hiring and monitoring services, attendance at medical/community appointments, communication with physician and other health care professionals, and on-site follow up visits.

  • Family Communication and Support available to nurture coping mechanisms, empower decision making, and facilitate difficult discussions.

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