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Providing Geriatric Care Management Services to the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding areas.
Kerri Walker provides objective assessment, oversight, and expectations of present and future functional, medical, and social support for the aging individual.  Experienced level of objectivity provides clarity, peace of mind, and enables families/professionals to manage time and energy on meaningful family interactions and other valued activities while allowing Kerri to facilitate difficult discussions and guide toward collaborative goals.

Kerri Walker

Aging Life Care Manager


Are you facing a challenging situation or looking for a hand to identify the right resources...


Kerri has 30+ years in health care working with aging individuals and their families.  My goal is to ensure maximum quality of life and maintain the highest level of independence while at the same time providing individuals and families a trusted level of service and communication.

Making Decisions, Planning for Care


Knowing when to plan for care or make decisions with our parents or loved ones is a difficult time.  Kerri is here to assist you and your family to act as a guide toward a creative and meaningful solution.

Formerly National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

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